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And Then There Were Six..

Alright foxes, we still have 17 long days until we can officially say winter is over. Buuut with the temperatures fluctuating from the high 50’s back down to the 30’s I still need a lil somethin somethin over my shoulders to keep me warm, and that lil somethin somethin is the
>>>F A U X   F L E E C E  B O M B E R   J A C K E T<<<


I’m obsessed with these because well…you’ll look hot for starters, but you wont feel hot!(temperature wise 😉 ) During the day when the suns beating down on you even if your’e just riding in your car how many of you start sweatin’ balls? I’m one that hates driving with a jacket on to begin with-to bulky. But with these
F A U X   F L E E C E  B O M B E R   J A C K E T S by TDS
you won’t feel that way at all. And at night time, fuggetaboutit–there’s no such thing as the chills when you wearing this bad boy.

Take a look at some of my personal favorites.
Oh, and don’t worry there’s really not only those 6 left. They actually just put out some of their new s w e e t  s p r i n g  c o l l e c t i o n.  So go check em.’ out!
The Design Studio Shop
Happy Shopping!!



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