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Did Brittany Murphy’s Ghost Crash A Party?

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? And who doesn’t love a good ghost story involving a celebrity? Well if you do then you’re gonna love this one that involves Brittany Murphy.



Supposedly the spirit of the late actress who died in 2009 has been making her rounds as Hollywood Medium’s Tyler Henry told Jamie Pressly that he could feel her presence while in her Pressly’s home. Now Taryn Manning who was a close friend and starred opposite of Brittany in 8 Mile, has everyone thinking that she crashed an H&M party in Toronto while Manning was DJing.

As she was playing Eminem’s Lose Yourself, Manning gave a quick shout out to Murphy saying
“Let’s give it up for Brittany Murphy, one of my best friends who’s not with us anymore.”
And then POOF! Suddenly the music stopped prompting Manning to say “That was weird. Hi Brittany. You with us?”

With a traumatic technical difficulty like that Manning then asked for a moment of silence.

What do you guys think? Coincidence or was Brittany just wanting to party?
See the footage for yourself over at TMZ.


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