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Through The Lens Of A Hollywood Stylist

It’s Red Carpet season and with the Oscars just 3 days away the countdown has become official.

Usually the Red Carpet is all about the ladies from the dress to shoes, hair and nails, but this year we’re making it about the men! From underwear to socks, suits and ties, I was asked to style a Hollywood Honey and naturally I chose one of the hunkiest bachelors, Scott Eastwood.

No one wants to get caught slippin’ like this guy, don’t be this guy.
With all the paparazzi around my boy Scott can’t get caught in an embarrassing situation like this and I wont let him. So lets start out with Tommy John’s no-adjustment-needed men’s underwear.
Why Tommy John? Welp, it’s safe to say they’re all about the perfect mix of comfort and class. “A man’s under layers shouldn’t be stuck in the past. Or anywhere else.” These underwear will keep everything in place, whichever way a man moves.

With different colors and styles why wait to feel the love? Shop now!

Since we’re talkin’ Tommy John I’m also going to put Scott in one of their undershirts that STAY TUCKED! Nobody likes to have to constantly fix their undershirt because it’s not staying in place. This shirt does just the trick, and with it’s premium fabric and slim fit it eliminates any bunching up of extra fabric that causes one to have a fupa.


Now’s time for the suit! I thought Scott would like quit dapper in this ‘Housten/Glorius’ Slim fit, virgin wool tuxedo by BOSS.


I chose dark blue because I thought it’d bring out his baby blues. And well, springs right around the corner so why not add a little color.

And how cuuute would he look with this slik T-Bow Tie by BOSS around his neck?!
To polish the look off I chose some Italian Cotton Silk Cashmere Socks also by BOSS. I wanted to add a hidden contrast pop of color so I picked out red and navy blue socks. For shoes I went with John Lobb ‘City II’ Oxfords.

Now if only I could see how fine Scott would look in this!!
Which Hollywood hottie would you choose to dress up for the Oscars?!

See why Tommy John first started making underwear in the first place!
Tommy John: The Big Adjustment


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