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Kendrick Lamar’s performance at the 58th Annunal Grammy Music Awards was on FIRE!

Kendrick Lamar did anything but disappoint during his performance at the Grammys February 15, 2016.

In one of the most striking performances to hit the Grammy stage in years, Kendrick Lamar walked out on stage as part of a chain gang to perform “The Blacker The Berry” with his band locked in jail cells. Lamar followed up by performing “Alright” in front of a giant bonfire where he then transitioned into a never heard song before ending his performance with the word Compton over an image of Africa.

The rapper took home 5 trophies including best rap album for his sophomore studio album To Pimp A Butterfly.  His performances delivered the message of modern day black experience in America better than any of us could have hoped for. Even Adele had to give Lamar a shout out after her own Grammy performance saying “Love you Kendrick, you’re amazing.” But she wasn’t the only one to show his some love after his powerful set. Many other celebrities and fans were blowing up twitter to show him some congratulatory love and respect.



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