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Run D.M.C Still Runnin’ It!

Run-D.M.C to Receive Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.run

First I gotta ask you, WHOSE HOUSE?! RUNS HOUSE!

“We’re the first rappers to get this award!! Shocked! Grateful!.” God is good!!!” Rev Run tweeted.

Queens bred group –Darryl “DMC” McDaniel’s, Joseph “Reverend Run” Simmons, and the late Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell are among the artists who will join a multitude of legendary recipients and receive a Life Achievement Award from the GRAMMYs this year. More than 30 years after the influential trio RUN D.M.C first laid a track down its proof that they’re still ‘running’ it.
As one of rap’s earliest acts and being the first rap group to land a gold album off their self-titled 1984 debut, the boys did more than rise to stardom, but established “hardcore rap” which is combined of hip hop and hard rock. The trio has since influenced a wide variety of artist acts such as N.W.A,  Busta Rymes, LL COOL J and more. With singles like “It’s Tricky”, “You be Illin’” and my personal favorite “Walk This Way” which is heavily influenced by Aerosmith’s hit song, the group wasn’t just good at what they did but the more abrasive style of genre is what set them apart from the others that made us wanting more.

As I take a trip down memory lane to my first concert ever which was Aerosmith with Kid Rock and none other than Run D.M.C I look forward to witnessing this honorable moment. Run-D.M.C will be celebrated in this special ceremony spring 2016 so stay tuned!

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Darryl McDaniels and Joseph Simmons of Run-DMC at Scala, London. Photograph: John Phillips/PA/TNR Photo






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