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Ok, Amy Schumer’s new boyfriend is a total babe.

No longer on #teamsingle Amy Schumer is bringing in the New Year with a new man.


Instagram @benhanisch

The comedian/actress is HIGHlariously open about her sex life by her straight forward risque jokes, but it seems the funny lady is pretty serious with her new man Ben Hanisch. As she makes their relationship Instagram and Twitter official the couple was seen spending time with “the fam and man at the whitehizzy” where she later took to Instagram a photo of her new boyfriend.

Who is this hunk you ask? Ben Hanisch is a 29 year old custom furniture designer based in Chicago, Midwest represent!! But umm…anyone else feeling those Aiden Sex and the City vibes? Yeea I think that’s all you really need to know, least that’s enough to make me like him. With things still kinda on the downlow it just makes us wanting more of the two, but we shall see just exactly what these love birds have in store for us in 2016!




One thought on “Ok, Amy Schumer’s new boyfriend is a total babe.

  1. See, this is why I like Amy Shumer…she’s lives normally. Unlike so many other celebrities in the world. News is a breath of fresh air, wish them future happiness in their relationship!

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