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JELLY-fish Lake

This lake will stun you!! (no stingers involved)

jellyfish lake

I mean JELLY-fish because I am super jealous of the people who have experienced this little sweet spot nestled within a lush forest on the Micronesian Island of Eil Malk. This freshwater diving spot is one of the worlds most remarkable snorkeling destinations located in Palau’s Rock Islands; and it names literally comes from the millions of jellyfish that spend their days bobbing around the lake. But don’t worry these little guys wont hurt you.. As stunning as this lake is, these jelly’s don’t have any stingers or the ones that do are potentially harmful to humans, so just keep swimming!

……Ok I can’t lie I’d be a little freaked out, maybe a lot freaked out at first because that’s a shit ton of jelly! Take a look at some more of these pics..

Think this hot spot should be on everybody’s bucket list!!

Have a good day!



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