2016 Pantone Of The Year 

And the award goes to…… Serenity and Rose Quartz ! With these two baby hues, you simply can’t have one without the other.

But these are just the first two names unveiled by Pantone (of course because they’re number 1 !),so I’m pretty excited to see what else they have for us. Just by taking a peek at the duo colors it’s no wonder why street artists are pairing them up continuously and simultaneously.

One look and you can see why Pantone  raves about “the beauty of this harmonious color painting.” 

If you guys love art and colors like myself then stay tuned! A little birdie told me that Pantone is pairing up with Crewest Studio and 3 Artists to create and showcase the harmony of Serenity and Rose Quartz.  

Finding these three hip artist; @Marka_27 , @w3rc , @ManOneArt  the projects are sure not to bore with its chic edge. 
Keep posted for pics and more deets! But if you happen to be in the LA, Miami, or NY locations like I wish I was be sure to go check out the pieces yourself! 


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