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Never Have I Ever

Ohhh my goodness you guys! Never have I ever wanted something so bad!! How cute, sexy, and… free is this Delta Bralette?!
Boho and vintage are a few of my favorite trends and that’s exactly what these offer. Uniquely combined with elegance and beauty, Lisa McDonald is the designer behind these handmade bohemian jewls. I wonder if she’s related to Ronald because I’m Lovin’ It! Long story short if I had the money I’d be buying at least one thing out of each of the categories. 
So if your a boho, vintage kinda gal who’s loves, love, and travel you need to go and check out this website- G r a c e B i j o u x – just click the hyperlink and it’ll bring you directly there! 

Just check out some of my other personal favs you’ll be hooked!


Piper Leg Chain


Sadie Upper Arm Cuff


Feather Belt/Chain


Angelina Anklet

They’re pretty affordable too !  but if you’re like me and like everything there’s no way you won’t drop a bomb here 💣💸💣💸💣


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