Hair Care

If you have fine/thin hair like myself you should really try these products!! They’re a bit pricey but worth every penny!

>>Matrix Biolage-repairinside is the bees knees!! I’ve been using it for about 6 months and it incredible. My hair tends to be a bit snarly after  I get out of the shower, so putting this leave in conditioner before I comb it really helps smooth things out. My hair also doesn’t like to grow and this product really helped! My hair is the longest it’s ever been and even feels healthier. $22- Salon Simplicity 

>>Over the years of searching for a great volumizer. I’d have to say NEXXUS is the only one that gave me volume all over and day long. Not too far behind and a bit cheaper is Garnier Fructis- gave me great volume as well, but once the bottle was half way gone the mousse always turns watery, it was a love hate relationship.. I’d have to glop it on my hair and it made it feel greasy. Scored mine on sale for $13.98 at Walgreen’s

>>Now that you’re blown dry and ready to style sprinkle in Surface-Push. You really don’t even need to put mousse at the roots beacuse this powder is amazing and really pushes the hairs up. A little dab will do you, I’ve had mine for 9 months and still have quit a bit left.  $29.98- Salon Cloetta. 


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