Shop as your dropped. Shop Spring.

A must read if you love to shop!!!
Are you one who could hit up the mall/boutiques on the daily if things in life didn’t get in the way? Yea, me too. But now we can!! Yup, and you don’t have to look any further than your hand because I’m sure you’re holding your phone in it. And if not go grab it and download the app Spring! It’s literally the best way to shop all your favorite brands using your phone.

All in the swipe of a finger you can make Spring yours by personalizing it with all of your favorite brands and discovering new ones! With new arrivals and deals daily you can ‘go to the mall’ everyday, all day swiping through 800+ brands. Wanna know something even better than not having to get ready and drive places? There’s FREE SHIPPING! ON EVERYTHING!! No joke.

Named the best of 2014 there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t download this app and at least give it a whirl. I give you the ole’ fashion scouts honor that you will love it.
So why shop till you drop, when you can shop while you’re dropped. …Right there.. in your PJs, no make-up, drinking a beer, listening to music.. haven’t convinced you yet?

Re-blog this post and I’ll try my bestest to feature you on my blog and give you a shout out for being so cool! Person with the most likes will receive a free gift from yours truly.

Thanks loves!
#getspring and Shop Spring. This is also available for Google play.


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