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Party Chief

If you’re the concert goin’, beer guzzlin’, pass that shit kind of girl than you must own this shirt! Ladies I give you the Party Chief Tee by Branville! Why just be the life of the party when you can be the Chief?


It’s soft, it’s comfy to wear, and it simply kicks ass!! Reading Chief All Day. Chief All Night. on it I knew I immediately had to have it. Not only for the obvious reason, but I love western style so this native american skull with the left handed cigarette in the mouth was the perfect touch. I also thought, “Sweet I’m gonna wear that to the next show I go to!” Now I’m just hoping Eric Church will make it my way soon because this shirt was made to be worn for one of his concerts, if not all. You can find this little diddy at Rebel Circus . Just click the hyper link and it should bring you right to the shirt!

But keep reading for more!

Styling Tips

As I mentioned earlier one of my favorite trends is western. And I also mentioned an Eric Church show so I kept that western/concert/festival look in mind while styling this look.

Starting with the T, I thought I’d help make the skull stand out with some plain ole’ black high waisted black cut-offs….that I did myself, I thank you. There actually some Lee Riders I got super cheap for experimenting! 😉 Smart thing to do because the tape measure lies sometimes..but that’s another story I’m sure I’ll share with you..

Shoes I wanted to wear some boots, but nothing with a big heel because I don’t know about you but my feet get hella sore with all that walking and dancing! These were also a score I got in the spring from Target. Great for any occasion.

Of course I’m going to accessorize with a felt hat, I love them! It also gives it that extra western touch. I chose this red one from F21 because it was my chance to add a pop of color and fool people into thinking it’s my key statement, but really it’s all about the shirt.

Now guys don’t worry your’e not left out. It’s actually a unisex T, so you too can rock it!


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