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The Art of Layering

Although it seems like something so simple and carefree, layering can actually turn into be a tricky task. When done poorly you can either accomplish ‘The Joey’ like on that episode of Friends or perhaps your outfit might resemble a hideous haircut full of bad lengths in all the wrong places. The other day a stranger came up to me and asked “how do you wear all those layers without bulking out looking like the Michelin man or sloppy?” I chuckled a bit and told her that logic would lead one to believe that you look bigger than you naturally are, but if you’ve truly mastered the art of layering the look should compliment your curves and create an illusion of a more proportional silhouette. So let’s peel back those layers, so you can wear them like a pro!

5 Steps To Getting Lush Layers

Step 1: Start with something basic and lightweight for your top.  I suggest something solid, neutral, or striped. My go to bottoms are black pants, but give leggings or jeans a whirl too!

VURBlayering 047a
Step 2: Add a layer such as a sweater, cardigan, or flannel. I chose to mix in this red sweater not only for more depth but because it’s a great opportunity to add a pop of color and make my outfit more intriguing.

VURBlayering 054

Step 3: Next add a jacket or coat of some sort. Again, I suggest something basic- dried herb, a shade of olive green is so in for fall this season, otherwise try camel, black, or navy. I decided to go with the Motto jacket because it’s the one step recipe for instant cool girl chic, with a hint of a badass look. Plus it’s a piece you can wear in any season to come.

VURBlayering 074

Step 4: Now is your time to add a scarf or bold necklace. I feel like scarfs especially for this time of year is like icing on the cake. A must!! So I went with that instead. Also because I’m always cold and this bad boy I got from F21 is sure to do the trick of keeping me warm. Nothing wrong with wearing a necklace underneath though, it’s yet another fun layer to add and surprise someone with if you take your scarf off.

VURBlayering 081

Step 5: This is the time to make ‘the cake’ even better and sprinkle yourself with accessories. My go to are watches, rings, and hats.

VURBlayering 093

Some tips I’d like to give you guys from what I noticed when I started out with layering was to:

  1. Keep underneath layers more fitted to keep your shape looking slim.
  2. Length and proportion is key.
  3. If you’re worried about your waistline, try adding a belt. It will top off your look too.
  4. Similar fabrics can appear weighted or dowdy. This is where the Michelin Man man look can come to play, so try incorporating a mix of materials and textures.

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