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When I ripped my pants (The T-easy way)

So you have these old jeans that your thinking about giving away to make room for some updated ones, don’t! Try distressing them the T-easy way! Keep reading for the full steps! (below picture)

I was about to purchase these super cute white distressed pants for 40-some dollars until all the sudden I remembered I had a pair of white pants to home that I got from Kohls many many moons ago. Since they were so cheap I thought “hey why don’t I try distressing them myself?” So I did and here’s how they turned out so far..

To distress them the T-easy way (the Taylor way made easy) all you need is a nail, sandpaper, and the strength to do some squats.

Step 1: Decide where exactly you want the rips to be.

Step 2: Poke holes with the nail and just rip away. ( like you’re picking at it)

Step 3: Once you’re able to see the pokes just start sanding away at them bitches! Depending on the quality on the jeans it may take more time. I found it easier/faster to be wearing the pants because it gave a hard surface and it help’d keep the exact location I wanted the rips to be.
***Don’t go to crazy because natural wear and tear will always play a factor, so the holes are bound to get bigger in time***

Step 4: Put on pants (if your not already wearing them), and get those legs in action! This helps give it the more ‘natural ripped’ look, other than it looking like you cut them with scissors.

Step 5: Put together an outfit and hit the streets! Everyone will be asking “Omg, where did you get those pants?!”

Like I said I didn’t go nuts distressing because I was a bit hesitant. After a day’s wear and a wash I’m going to see how they look then go back and sand them down some more if needed.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and if you try to distress something, I hope you do it the T-easy way! I would love to see pictures, so send some to for your chance to appear on my blog and other social media outlets!


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