Fun Ideas Before Summer Ends

1. Attend A Concert.

Who doesn’t love music blaring in their ear while screaming just as loud because your watching one of your favorite bands perform the hell out of a show asking, “Are you guys having a good time tonight?” Concerts are magical in a way that so many people come out together in a big crowd with at least one thing in common, the love of music and a good time. Of course it’s always a plus to have a spot close to the stage, but if you’re stuck in the nose bleeds it’s just as fun as long as your’e with the right people. And did I mention it’s cheaper..which means more beer money for you!


2. Go Camping

Whether it be with a group of your best friends or your family, pack up, head out, and hit the road! Even if you aren’t one for the ‘outdoor’ life it is always an experience that you’ll never forget. The smell of fresh air, hiking, swimming, games (that may or may not include alcohol), sitting by a bonfire star gazing with endless laughter and the mouth watering taste of s’mores, who’s to tell what all can happen out in the wild! And you don’t have to because what happens at the campsite, usually stays there.

3. A Day With No Technology.

LEAVE IT AT HOME! Let’s just see if you can go a whole day with no technology and the stress of how many likes an Instagram picture gets or if anyone re-tweeted you. Nothing bothers me more when I see people out and about and everyone is one their phone, especially at a dinner table. Play it old school for a day, who know’s what you may actually notice when you look up from the tiny bright screen.


4. Read A Book Maybe 3.

Spend you’re summer getting lost in the great words of an author(s). I know I’m not one to talk because majority of the time I start a new book, I’ll have a hard time finishing it, or it just takes me forever. Apparently I’m not reading the right books! New books can lead to new inspiration. A few books that I heard were a must read include: Paper Towns, The Sunlight Night, In the Country, Among the Ten Thousand Things, Woman With a Secret, and The Fault In Our Stars.


5. Try Something New.

Maybe it’s that new little restaurant downtown, a new mixed drink, or finally wearing that outfit you stole off the mannequin that thought you could never pull off. Just do it with no hesitation!


6. Do Something Crazy.

I know, I know, this is a pretty broad category but to me it would consist of, getting a tattoo, a new piercing, dying your hair, sneak in to an all boys camp that your mother probably wouldn’t approve of. A keg stand, anything!  You only have one life to life so live it up to the fullest!


7. Say Yes For The Whole Day.

Ok so this fall to a certain extent.. But why say no when it feels so good to say YES?


8. Fun Outdoor Activities.

It might be something not so outrageously fun like running a 5k, but I’m sure you’ve heard of foam parties, super slip-n-slides, scavenger hunts, paint fights, horseback riding, or hosting your own DJ party where you can ‘firkafirka’ shine and throw some champagne. Just go out and don’t be afraid to get dirty, clean is boring and not allowed today.


Bucket Lists are endless with so many opportunities to choose from. These are just a few to get you started, so now that you have them, GO OUT AND DO THEM! 🙂


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