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Frozen insane with summer on the brain

Here’s why I need to start designing swimsuits… Inspiration is everywhere!!

I’m so glad that it’s finally starting to warm up! Spring is right around the corner my friends!! However, two weeks ago me and the fam took up trip up ‘Norte’ to Lake Superior and visit the Apostale Islands to check out the ice caves! I’ve always wanted to go there but more so in the summer lol. Don’t get me wrong it was fuckin awesome to see and walk around in!! Buut it was colder than a witches tit that day! Anyway…. Here’s an image I shot of the lake. I don’t know about you put I can’t help but to think what a kickass swimsuit pattern this would make. 

Late nights with summer on the brain💭💭💭☀️🌊🚤🏊⛵️☀️☀️🌺🌸☀️


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