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Knock Out

The only way to knock into the New Year is to be a knock out!! I’m obsessed with bralettes. Especially this white bra and panty set. There so sexy yet can be so simple to spice things up a bit. I suggest forloveandlemons for the hottest picks on more lingerie and clothing. They have a pretty wide variety of colors and styles so go check them out!!


29 thoughts on “Knock Out

  1. Is this a personal item?! So cute. I ask because I’m curious about a few things.. Fitting/wearing situation thanks for the answers!

    • Isn’t it! Not yet tho! I just ordered it and will let you know how it fits! I was a bit nervous myself so i went to target or other places to try some on to kinda get an idea

  2. Sorry phone posted that twice. And okay great! I am interested in owning some! Never have worn them either so curious as how they fit and how u would wear the top?! Lol! 🙂

    • Haha its all good! Ive been wanting one for while myself. I lack in that department if ya know what i mean, so im hoping it will fot well. Urban Outfitters had a bunch of cute ones a few months ago and cheaper! Ill be sure to let you know! And wearing wise i think tou can pretty mich wear them under anything! Sheer tops look cute with them ive seen but its so damn cold in wisconsin ill jave to wait till summer! A little riskay!

  3. Checked that site out. My god where have I been for the cutest stuff. And that’s a good choice. She’s a knockout lol. One of my favorite pieces of lingerie in there lol 😻

  4. Did you see the bat your lashes stuff? I like that stuff too.. And lack what department lol because that might be my issue.. The support!! All of it is cute but some of it is like here give that and take my money lol.. And oh yeah, Wisconsin doesn’t sound fun. I’m in FL. Lol.. And lingerie usually I keep/use in the bedroom only if you know what I mean.. But have to try new things in life lol. Just seems new/weird wearing lingerie under my everyday clothes lol 😮😜

    • Yes!!! I thought those ones were super cute too!! Haha im opposite i dont really need support 😔 lol nice ive got a couple friends in the fort myers area! Haha yes i know exactly what you mean! Just certain types of baggie Ts id wear it under. But all depends on the fit cuz i might not like it like that!

  5. I hope I find something that will fit right. I usually have a problem finding the right fitting one when it comes to a bandeaus!! You ever try them out?

  6. Lol that’s great you make me laugh. And lol who cares at least u don’t have to deal with the back pain.. I myself have 32cs so support is needed I mean I don’t have pamela Anderson’s lol but yeaa.fort myers is a good area.. And yeah I hear ya. Or when u wanna spice it up for the boy lol :p and surprise him lol.. He would never expect that under a T-shirt lol..

    • Lol ur purdy funny yourself! Yea i guess thats a good thing. True that, he never would!! Once i get it ill have to see how i like to style it or if it will jusy be a bedroom thing. Which i wouldnt mind either cuz theyre so cute!!

  7. Bandeaus are great and cute! Specially for summer or out on the beach or boating! But in my case they need to be good ones to hold my girls in! Hahaha 🙈 but I live wearing them.. In make them part of my outfits during summer sometimes lol! But yeah big boobd are gross anyway lol..I have like 7-8 bandeaus. Sexy ones and cheap ones lol.. Favorite one is my lace one.. Or my tye dye one with lace lol.. But hey I’m sure u got something to make up for the loss of no boobs!lol like some ass or something lol 🙊🙈😜

  8. Lol I guess I can be pretty funny sometimes lol.. But you make me giggle.. 😊 and u better style it and post it on here so i can see lol and hey I would use it for both!! You got the white one u said? I bet u are dying to get it!! When are you suppose to to lol.

  9. Bahaha. Really? Wait can’t wear what ones lol.. Because we might have a problem then! Having bigger boobs sucks a lot of the times!!for a lot of reasons.. No joke lol.. And oh god.. Lmao 😝 I’m sure u aren’t kidding lol that’s how it usually goes. I wouldn’t doubt if u had a booty lmao

  10. I wanna order something off of there but worried about the sizing lol.. That’s why I wanna wait till u get yours and then u can tell me if its actually true to size!! Sometimes shit online isn’t a small would be a medium and a medium would be a large know what I’m saying? Lol

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